HOOKER Handling Systems, Inc. has been serving New England for over 25 Years providing material handling equipment & ergonomic workplace solutions that help our customers improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury. We specialize in overhead handling, vacuum handling, conveyors, storage products and offer an extremely wide variety of other safety and industrial equipment for creating an organized and safe working environment.

Bridge, Jib and Gantry Cranes Workstation cranes, Jib cranes, Automated Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Overhead Bridge Cranes, Ceiling Supported Cranes

Vacuum Lifting Bag Lifting, Carton Lifting, Sack Lifting, Barrel Lifting, Sheet Lifting

Lift Tables Lift Tables, Hydraulic Lifts, Work Positioners, Tilters, Turn Tables, Scissor Lifts, High Travel Lifts, Dock Lifts, Truck Levelers, Freight Lifts, Custom Lifts

Hoisting Equipment Electric Chain Hoists, Hand Hoists, Cable Hoist, Wire Rope Hoists


Slider Bed, Roller Bed, Live Roller, Accumulation Min. Pressure, Accumulation Zero Pressure, Chain Roller, Incline, Portable, Parts, Low Profile, Gravity Roller, Gravity Straight, Gravity Skatewheel, Gravity Spur, Roller Transfer, Power Turntable, Chain Transfer, High Speed Sortation

Foot Protection Foot Protection, Steel Toe Safety Shoes, Safety Toes

We Also Supply The Following:

Pallet Equipment - Carts - Casters/Wheels - Dock Equipment - Drum Equipment - Matting

Safety Equipment - Storage Products - Waste Containment - Warehouse Equipment

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